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Warming up properly is crucial for rugby union players to help prevent injury, increase flexibility, and prepare their bodies for the physical demands of the game. Here are some good ways for a rugby union player to warm up:

  1. Light Jogging: Start with a prepare 2 perform session (P2P that can be found in the Six Degree Sports rugby union app) to get the blood flowing and increase the heart rate.

  2. Dynamic stretching: Dynamic stretching involves moving through a range of motion to increase flexibility and prepare the body for the demands of the game. Examples of dynamic stretches include lunges, high knees, walking toe touches, and leg swings.

  3. Ball handling drills: Incorporating ball handling drills into your warm-up routine can help improve your hand-eye coordination and prepare you for passing and catching during the game.

  4. Plyometric exercises: Plyometrics involves explosive movements that help improve power, speed, and agility. Examples include jumping jacks, jump squats, and lateral hops.

  5. Sprints: Performing a series of sprints can help prepare your body for the intense bursts of speed required during the game.

It’s important to remember that a good warm-up should gradually increase in intensity and should not cause excessive fatigue. The warm-up should last around 15-20 minutes and should be tailored to meet the individual needs of each player.

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