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It is the key to success

Six Degree Sports constantly pursue the ultimate in perfection with our products. We continue to stay at the forefront of technology by pushing the architectural boundaries and deliver the ultimate in sports educational coaching and player development that has been missing up until now. 

Studies have shown that all sporting codes suffer a common set of problems which act to limit a players development. The results in this, is that participants are being lost to their sport over time. This loss leads to increasing rates of obesity and the associated poor public health outcomes for communities globally. Over the past 10 years there has been major innovation in the understanding of how to manipulate the interdependent levers that accelerate development and maximise transfer to performance. 

In early 2019, a handful of key professional experts based around the world came together to discuss how this can be changed, and as a result, are now the drivers behind Six Degree Sports SaaS (Software as a Service) APP product. They continue to deliver their innate knowledge to the product aiming to provide the sporting coach with advance coaching educational techniques as well as player development application in all sports.

By unlocking the sports secrets to success, gone are the days that this material was only made available to the elite sports players. The application provides you with the most up to date processes in sporting skills, drills, techniques and habit change fixes all within the palm of your hand. Tested by over 2000 participants over a 12 month period, it is now on the market and is set to be one of the most powerful applications produced for the sporting market today.

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