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Revolutionising Sporting Excellence through Unparalleled Accessibility

At Six Degree Sports, we embark on a transformative mission to combat the challenges plaguing the world of sports by placing cutting-edge coaching and playing techniques within the grasp of every individual. Breaking new ground, we usher in a paradigm shift by empowering coaches and players at all levels with access to time-tested methodologies employed by esteemed international coaches and exceptional athletes across the globe.

Recognizing the dearth of comprehensive education, we address the burden placed on volunteer coaches who often find themselves ill-equipped to meet the diverse needs of participants, perpetuating skill and physical disparities among athletes. No longer shall any child endure the frustrations of poorly organized and ineffective coaching sessions, and no coach shall languish in a state of ignorance, awaiting the rectification of erroneous techniques. While we embark on this journey with our pioneering Rugby Union Program, the dynamic team at Six Degree Sports perpetually strives to redefine the pillars of performance by offering the latest advancements in skills, drills, education, and transformative habit changes that transcend the boundaries of sport. Through meticulous research, we have discovered that this approach shall drastically reduce the financial burdens associated with coaching and development, democratizing access to high-performance expertise on a scale never before witnessed. Furthermore, we envision a future where the cost to coaches and athletes will be a mere fraction of the current offerings available.

In essence, our vision transcends mere accessibility, as we endeavor to revolutionize the sporting landscape by empowering individuals with the tools, knowledge, and techniques once reserved for a privileged few. Together, we shall redefine the boundaries of achievement, enabling every aspiring athlete and coach to embark upon our journey of unparalleled excellence.