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The breakaway’s role is primarily focused on winning possession of the ball, disrupting the opposition’s attack, and providing support to their own team’s attack.

The breakaway’s main responsibility is to compete for the ball at the breakdown, which is when players from both teams converge on the ground after a tackle. The breakaway will aim to either steal the ball from the opposition or slow down their ability to recycle the ball quickly, giving their own team a chance to win possession.

In addition to their defensive duties, breakaways are also important in attack. They are often used as ball carriers, running hard into the opposition defense to make ground and draw in defenders, creating space for their teammates to exploit. Breakaways also provide support to their team’s ball carriers, either by offloading the ball in contact or by providing a quick, clean pass from the ground after a tackle.

Overall, breakaways play a crucial role in the game of rugby union, combining physicality, skill, and tactical nous to help their team win possession and create scoring opportunities.

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